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Paseo Vista Park – Henderson’s Natural Oasis

Nestled in Henderson, Nevada's Sun City Anthem community, Paseo Vista Park is a tranquil space that serves as an escape from the hustle and bustle of Southern Nevada. With its sweeping valley views, natural wetlands, and a plethora of activities, Paseo Vista Park draws in visitors from all over the area. Spread over 260 acres and located close to the I-15 and I-215 freeway junctions, Paseo Vista Park provides a break from the nearby urban environment. The park consists of large wetland areas, a lake and creek, a covered playground, nature trails, picnic and play areas, and a soccer field, making it a great spot for locals to enjoy outdoor recreation and the beauty of nature. Information can be found here.


Though Paseo Vista Park was constructed in 2001, the land that makes up the park was historically used to produce alfalfa, hay, and winter grain crops. In 1998, the County of Clark and the City of Henderson purchased the land with funds granted by the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act. The goal for the land was to use it for recreational purposes, to help protect and enhance the environment, and to provide accessible park spaces for the community. Discover facts about Pecos Legacy Park in Henderson, Nevada.

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The most notable aspect of Paseo Vista Park is its wetland area. This area of the park is home to a variety of wetland plants, including reeds, cattails, and tules. These plants provide a habitat and food source for migrating birds and insects. Over 80 species of birds, including ducks, killdeer, hawks, and cormorants, have been spotted at the park. The wetland area of Paseo Vista Park is ideal for birdwatching and nature photography. Visitors can also enjoy walking along the 3-mile nature trail or relaxing on one of the benches scattered around the pond. Dogs are allowed throughout the park, and they can take a dip in the creek or fetch a ball at the designated dog park located on the northeast side of the park.


Other activities available at Paseo Vista Park include fishing and boating on the lake, as well as soccer and volleyball in the lighted field and courts. Picnic tables and grills, as well as covered pavilions, can be found throughout the park, allowing visitors to enjoy lunch outdoors. In April 2013, Paseo Vista Park was officially certified as an Audubon International Sustainable Communities project, meaning that it is considered a model of environmental stewardship and sustainable design. The park achieved Gold status two years later, and it’s now responsible for helping protect precious resources like clean water and energy in Southern Nevada.


Overall, Paseo Vista Park provides visitors with a rare opportunity to experience nature and outdoor recreation within an urban area. With its wetland habitat, nature trails, and other recreational activities, Paseo Vista Park is an oasis of nature that everyone should visit in Henderson, Nevada. Given its convenient location, Paseo Vista Park is easily accessible from most points in the city. The park is served by public buses and a range of taxi services, making it an easy trip for those without a car. The park itself is relatively small, with a total area of about two acres. Although the size of the park may be modest, it offers plenty of activities for visitors. Hiking and jogging trails, outdoor fitness equipment, and playgrounds are all available in the park, and there is also a large picnic area.

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