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Pecos Legacy Park in Henderson, Nevada

The Pecos Legacy Park, located in Henderson, Nevada, is symbolic of the city’s pioneering past, highlighting the hardworking and resilient character of its citizens and the city’s distinctive charm. This special community space provides a place for citizens to enjoy a variety of amenities, including a public pool and playground, sports courts and fields, community gardens, and a multi-use path perfect for joggers, walkers, and cyclists alike. With a movie-themed boardwalk, historical artifacts, and interactive fountains paying homage to the city's history, Pecos Legacy Park is the city's community showcase, making it a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike. Learn more here.


Pecos Legacy Park is named after Pecos Valley, the original settlement at the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers that began during the 1860s; it was first settled as a stop for steamboat travelers and ranchers. Founded by families of Spanish, African-American, and Anglo-American descent, Pecos Valley flourished and developed into a unique Western community with a distinct culture and its own dialect. The strength of this community endured many difficult times, and although the original town of Pecos vanished in the early twentieth century due to the severe drought in the area, the city of Henderson honors its heritage with the Pecos Legacy Park. Learn more about Strawberry Hill Park: A Hidden Gem in Henderson, Nevada.

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The aim of Pecos Legacy Park is to be an inspirational gathering place for visitors, hosting a variety of activities and events. It includes an amphitheater for outdoor concerts, theatrical performances, and films, a Playtime Waterpark, a Variety Playground, a three-acre lake and wetlands, an interactive library and community center, a picnic pavilion, a community garden, and a tree-lined, 12-foot wide multi-use path. Additionally, there are numerous outdoor activities like a Frisbee golf course, a BMX track, sand volleyball courts, horseshoes, and tetherball.


The park also showcases the city’s history with its movie-themed boardwalk (the town was a filming location for numerous western films), historical artifacts, including a replica of a steamboat, and the interactive fountains, which depict the hardworking settlers of Pecos Valley. Additionally, the park has incorporated the story of the Pecos Trail into its mission, with a trailhead and bike park commemorating the trappers, traders, and pioneers who used the trail.


The effort to build the park was largely a community effort, with funding provided by the city of Henderson, the State of Nevada, The National Park Service, The Las Vegas Valley Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and local private companies. The park’s founders also sought to give back to the community, investing in sustainable practices such as recycled water for irrigation, geothermal energy, and water-wise and native landscaping, thereby creating a park that is environmentally friendly.


The success of Pecos Legacy Park has been remarkable. With its beautiful landscape, family-friendly entertainment and activities, and its commitment to preserving the city’s history, the park has become a landmark destination. Since its opening, more than 500,000 visitors have visited the park each year, making it one of the most popular parks in Nevada.


The Pecos Legacy Park is a testament to the city’s history and the legacy of its hardworking citizens, providing an exciting and interactive space for people to appreciate the area’s past. It is a source of great pride for Henderson and a thriving part of the city's culture and community.

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