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Kaitlin V. *****


No one likes to deal with a plumbing emergency but when I did, I called Ferguson Home Services, LLC and they were out the same day. They went above and beyond. I would definitely recommend this company to my family and friends.

ERIC N. *****


I called Ferguson Home Services, LLC and they called right back and were fair and honest and their work and people doing the work were great. I recommend for any plumbing needs.

Trevor R. *****


I had Ferguson Home Services, LLC replace my water heater and they did an excellent job. Made sure it was up to code and even made a custom drip pan due to where my water is at.

Daniel F. *****


Ferguson Home Services, LLC did several jobs in my home all professionally on time and great pricing. I have had other plumbers who charge extremely high prices but they were more than reasonable

Donna (Nicklin Property Renter) *****

I would just like to take the time recognize Taylor for her amazing and caring work. She has been working on the condo I rent with a water heater leak, shower leak and no hot water. She recently installed the new water heater last week for me. All workers are good but what I believe makes Taylor the best is that she has really taken time to explain to me and answer all questions I had with a very good attitude and smile. I know it is very hot both in my condo due to a a/c problem and outside where the water heater is located, I appreciate her not rushing to finish the work and really taking time to check everything is good before leaving and assuring what needs to be done and why I was waiting to fix my shower leak. It really makes a difference  being told why we’re still waiting to fix the leak versus if I didn’t I probably would keep trying to call and think that I was forgotten about. So thank you again for all the amazing work! 

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